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The Gabon National Investment Promotion Agency (ANPI-Gabon), attached to the Presidency of the Republic and placed under the supervision of the Ministry in charge of Investment Promotion, was created by Decree No. 0311/PR/MPIHAT of 14 September 2014. The Agency covers business creation, investment and export promotion.

ANPI-Gabon in brief (2017)

26 administrations in one place
The creation of an average of 5,000 businesses per year
More than 80,000 requests processed per year
A 90% reduction in the time it takes to set up a business
Support for the creation of at least 6,000 jobs
An effective presencein 7 provinces

ANPI-Gabon is a member of the International Network of Francophone Investment Promotion Agencies (RIAFPI), whose role is to strengthen cohesion, cooperation, dialogue and solidarity between investment promotion agencies that share the French language. The RIAFPI was created in Abidjan in March 2010.

ANPI-Gabon is a member of WAIPA, the World Association of Investment Promotion Agencies launched by UNCTAD in 1995 to facilitate the exchange of national experiences in foreign investment promotion.