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Straddling the equator, accessible by sea, land and air, with a population of 1.8 million inhabitants of whom 54.6% are under 25 years of age, a territory of 267,667 km2, 50 ethnic groups, more than 30 nationalities living together and working together every day, an urbanization rate of 86%, a literacy rate of 83.18% and access to a regional market of over 145 million consumers (ECCAS), Gabon is a true business destination in Central Africa in particular and French-speaking Africa in general.

A stable democratic country with a genuine culture of peace, a liberal economic system, Gabon, through the policy of the Head of State SE Ali Bongo ONDIMBA, has put in place a real policy of attracting investments that the installation of ANPI-Gabon in its headquarters on 15 January 2018 confirms.To be "a united nation, a competitive economy marked by sustainable development, shared prosperity and a respected voice on the international and global stage. PSGE, Gabon emerging country to 2025

Investment Charter

Urban areas (2016)

Urban areas
Libreville 967 095 residents
Port-Gentil 147 817 residents
Franceville (Masuku) 128 729 residents
Oyem 71 259 residents
Mouanda 68 870 residents
Lambaréné 44 249 residents

The Gabonese Republic is a member of:

  • the Franc Zone, which guarantees the free convertibility of its currency with foreign currencies.

  • CEMAC, which ensures, through COBAC, a sound and secure banking system.

Gabon's banking system consists of 10 banks, including 2 development banks; today Gabon aspires to greater specialization of financial institutions to better finance its investment projects.

Gabon is a member of the Organization for the Harmonization of Business Law in Africa (OHADA) also any investor settling in Gabon benefits a legal framework common to all

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