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Société des Brasseries du Gabon (Sobraga), Castel Group

Present in Gabon since the 1970s, Sobraga is a subsidiary of the Castel group and a pillar of sustainable socio-economic development in Gabon. The company has about 1000 direct jobs throughout the national territory as well as thousands of indirect jobs (wholesalers, depots, pubs, etc.).

Central Africa (CEMAC and ECCAS) represents a market of over 150 million consumers and therefore offers very interesting prospects. Gabon is one of the most advanced countries in the region and business conditions continue to improve. In addition, there is a particularly dynamic environmental policy defined in Gabon Vert, a major pillar of national development policy and an essential condition for any company wishing to develop successfully in Gabon. Investments and enterprises are based on long-term projections and long-term relationships of trust.


Rougier has been present in Gabon since 1952, employs around 1,500 people and exploits nearly 880,000 ha of forest for a production of around 300,000 m³ of logs/year.

Rougier is part of modern Gabonese history. On Independence Day, August 17, 1960, President Ali Bongo Ondimba came to power, as well as the first moments of his policy of emergence. The country has great natural resources and is now committed to a policy of sustainable development and inclusive growth. Numerous investments in transportation and telecommunications infrastructure across the country have greatly facilitated our operations and we look forward to many more improvements in the years to come.

Pascal Ango, entrepreneur

Pascal Ango is one of Gabon's new generation of business men and women. He participated in the National Business Plan Competition (CNPA) organized by the Ministry in charge of National Entrepreneurship and Youth Integration, with financial and technical support from the World Bank, the National Investment Promotion Agency (ANPI) and JA Gabon.

Pascal Ango received practical and theoretical training as well as financial support to develop his electrical and electronic product recycling project in Port-Gentil.

Beyond passion and commitment, entrepreneurs strongly need accompanying measures in terms of financing, management tools and human resources. The ANPI-Gabon and the CNPA have given me this essential support and have allowed me to believe in myself and accelerate the implementation of my project.