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In addition to the administrative procedures for setting up your business in Gabon, you will need practical information for the establishment and operation of your structure.

For land acquisition: anuttc.ga
For real estate transactions:https://www.lepratiquedugabon.com/
To hire in Gabon: www.onegabon.com and https://www.emploi.ga

 The administrative process

  • Statutes certification
  • bookmarkStatutes registration
  • view_listFiling of files

    All forms are to be printed via the website of the ANPI-Gabon.

    • The economic operator has the choice to transfer his or her file by e-mail or to go to ANPI-Gabon’s office with his file.
    • Thereafter, it is taken in charge by a manager. The latter, after checking the documents required to create the company, opens and assigns a file number based on a list of sequential numbers.
    • The company's activity must be well formulated in accordance with the nomenclature of commercial and industrial activities.
    • The payment of the file fees to the collection unit on the basis of the revenue order established by the manager, the collection unit gives the latter the payment receipt that it attaches to the file.
    • The file thus constituted is then transmitted to the seizure through the agents of the transmission.
    • In order to print the circuit card and the file deposit receipt, the entry operator is obliged to analyse the file in order to extract the information necessary for the preparation of the said documents.
    • The first printing in draft mode is subject to verification by the competent service.
    • After verification, the circuit card and the receipt of the file submission are definitively printed and sent to the Head of the One-Stop Service or Director of Facilitation and Assistance for the first signature.
    • If input errors are found during this phase, the circuit board is destroyed and a new printout is made.
  • card_membershipRCCM registration
  • gradeNIF attribution
  • verified_userLast signature
  • account_balanceCEPIG and CNSS
  • library_booksJournal of legal announcements

Types of Business

  • settingsSole proprietorship
  • settingsSARL / SUARL / SAS / SNC / SCS / Cooperatives
  • settingsSA
  • settingsSubsidiary