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Established by decree in February 2014, the High Council for Investments (HCI) has the following missions:

  • Setting the guidelines for the implementation of the investment policy
  • Monitoring the implementation of the national investment promotion strategy
  • Investigating the necessary adaptations to changes in investments
  • Creating coherent incentives for investment
  • Ensuring that the Government implements its policies.

HCI is organized into specialized working groups that meet to propose a clear road map for Government reforms.


Its permanent secretariat is provided by ANPI-Gabon, which houses the HCI offices at its headquarters. As Permanent Secretary, the Agency's role is to promote and clean up the business environment and define priorities for private sector development.

"Gabon is in competition with every country in the world to offer an attractive business environment to investors. We must therefore continue and step up our efforts if we want to be attractive and give reasons to investors and project leaders to prefer our country."


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