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The formalization of your company in Gabon is now simple, efficient and fast. This is why the course of yesterday's fighter is validly replaced by a quick and simple materialization of your formalities.

Your Single-Point-of-Contact (also called Interlocuteur Gestionnaire Unique, IGU) receives you and examines your business creation file; he or she checks with you the completeness and authenticity of the documents constituting the file and makes sure that no documents are missing, so that the incorporation of your company is not delayed.

If everything is in conformity, your Single-Point-of-Contact opens and assigns a file number. He or she also issues an invoice to be paid to the collection unit (Public Treasury).

  • Pay at the cashier:
    The collection unit gives you a receipt as soon as the payment is made, which allows the procedure to continue. 24 hours later, you can come and take your unique recording card (circuit card).
  • Withdrawal within 24 hours:
    You give the receipt to your Single-Point-of-Contact which will carry out for you the circuit necessary for the creation of your company. He or she will also ensure the publication of the acts of registration in the Journal Officiel of the Gabonese Republic.
  1. Certification of the statutes:
    In Gabon, the creation of a company must be conforming with OHADA Uniform Act. Therefore, the certification of the statutes applies only for those drafted under private signature, in accordance with the OHADA Uniform Act. The execution of this task is free and is done at ANPI-Gabon by the Legal Department.
  2. Registration of statutes for tax purposes:
    The statutes certified by the Formalization Department, the notarized copies and the minutes of the general assembly are registered with the competent department of the General Tax Department against payment of a fee. NB: On each page of the documents to be registered, a tax stamp with a value of 500 XAF must be affixed.
  3. Submission of the file:
    The Single-Point-of-Contact (IGU) checks the quality of the documents constituting the file and ensures that nothing is missing, so that the incorporation of your company is not delayed. If everything is in order, the Single-Point-of-Contact opens and assigns a file number and issues an invoice to pay to the collection unit, which gives you a receipt that allows the procedure to continue. After a new internal verification, your unique registration form (Fiche Circuit) and your receipt of the file submission are definitively printed and sent to the Formalization Department for the first signature. Your deposit receipt allows you to continue your creation procedures and to be able to carry them out in the name of your company (requests for telephone connections, electrical connections, postal mail, etc.). It is valid until you obtain your unique registration form (Circuit card).
  4. The allocation of the fiscal identification number (NIF):
    The unique registration form bearing the first signature of the Formalization Department is sent to the services of the DGI for the allocation of a statistical number or tax identification number.
  5. Registration in the Trade and Personal Property Credit Register (RCCM) :
    Once the NIF has been registered, your unique registration form is sent to the Registry of the Tribunal for registration at the RCCM.
  6. The last signature:
    This is the phase where the General Director of the ANPI-Gabon signs your unique registration form.
  7. OGAPI (Centre de la Propriété Industrielle du Gabon) and C.N.S.S (Caisse Nationale de Sécurité Sociale):
    Once your unique registration form has been definitively established, we advise you to ensure the protection of your company name with CEPIG. This operation which is carried out at the Investment Desk does not fall within the framework of the OHADA Uniform Acts, but rather remains within the competence of the African Industrial Property Organization (OAPI). This is also the time to register with the CNSS. This act gives you a contributor number and access to all useful information on labor legislation in Gabon.
  8. The newspaper of legal announcements:
    The creation of the company must be published in the newspaper of legal announcements. This measure introduced by the OHADA is carried out in the services of the Journal Officiel of the Gabonese Republic.

“No one is supposed to ignore the law”. Please find in this section the laws in force in Gabon allowing you to exercise your activity serenely.