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For any initiative or operation regarding your company (creation, modification of information, termination, etc.) you will need to present a certain number of documents according to the type of company and the activity in which you wish to start. It is therefore important that you have all your documents ready before you decide to meet your Single-Point-of-Contact (also called Interlocuteur Gestionnaire Unique, IGU) at ANPI-Gabon. This person will inform and accompany you in the procedure for the creation, the modification or the termination of your company.


Old circuit card or copy
Minutes of general assembly (model available)
Manager's identity documents: identity card, residence card, passport, national driving license, residence card
Copy of the old K-BIS

  • ANPI-Gabon fees: XAF 10 000
  • Court Registry:XAF 20 000 – XAF 80 000 depending of your company's capital

Other possible costs:

  • OGAPI: XAF 35 000
  • Journal Officiel :XAF 15 000

Old circuit card or copy
Manager's identity documents: identity card, residence card, passport, national driving license, residence card
Copy of the old K-BIS

  • ANPI-Gabon fees: XAF 5 000
  • Court Registry: XAF 10 000
  • OGAPI : XAF 35 000

Old circuit card or copy
Tax Quitus
Identity document
Minutes of the general assembly (only for legal entities)

  • ANPI-Gabon fees: Free
  • Legal persons: XAF 20 000
  • Natural persons:XAF 15 000

Copy of the old circuit card
Receipt of deposit
A search on our database is possible if the customer does not have the documents mentioned above. ANPI-Gabon : XAF 10 000

Old circuit card or copy
Identity document
Minutes of the general assembly (only for legal entities)
ANPI-Gabon fees: XAF 25 000 (Gabonese people) and XAF 100 000 (aliens)
Individual Companies: XAF 12 500 (Gabonese people) and XAF 37 500 (aliens)

At ANPI-Gabon, men and women are mobilized every day to bring you the best expertise in the field of investment. Le Guichet de l'Investissement remains your privileged partner to accompany you in this great adventure.

An ANPI-Gabon legal service adviser will inform you about the different legal statuses in accordance with the OHADA Uniform Act. He or she will also check the conformity of your statutes with OHADA requirements and the overall consistency of your documents.

Visit the Legal Department every day from 8:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. at the Investment Desk or send your statutes model online for verification on this website.

Download a modifiable model of the Statutes


  1. Can I write my own statutes?
    Yes, you can write your statutes but we also have a model at your disposal that you can adapt to your needs.
  2. Can ANPI-Gabon recommend me to legal counsel?
    Yes, we keep a list of legal advice, notaries and lawyers. Please contact our Legal Department for the latest changed list.
  3. Is it an obligation to have these statutes verified by ANPI-Gabon's legal advisor?
    The control and the verification only concern the acts presented by any other person other than lawyers, councils, or jurist.
  4. What are the deadlines for checking my statutes?
    Verifications can be done on this website in less than one hour.
  5. Is it paying to have its statutes checked by ANPI-Gabon?
    No, the verification is free.
  6. Can I print my statutes at ANPI-Gabon?
    No, you must present yourself with your printed and bound statutes.
  7. How to choose the right formulation for my activity?
    Consult our Legal Department for assistance.
  8. Is there a limited number of pages for my statutes?
    No. The most important is to consider the mandatory provisions of the OHADA Uniform Act within your statutes.

More than 80% of companies cease their activities only 3 years after their creation. Successful business creation requires a structured approach and expert coaching to significantly reduce your risk of start-up failure. ANPI-Gabon offers you support thanks to its experienced consultants, from setting-up your project to launching your business.

We offer tailor-made training on business creation, business management, import-export and administrative formalities related to the conduct of business. If necessary, our consultants will guide you towards the best structures and programs to help you (incubators, consulting firms).

Our objective: to give you the tools to create and develop your business.

Our added value: to provide you with efficient assistance thanks to reliable data on your market/sector of activity, to help you benefit from the support of experts, and to guarantee you a response adapted to your needs.

National and international investors, this service is for you. The Business Development Department carries out the formalities related to your installation and your activities on your behalf; it refers you, if necessary, to the technical and financial partners who would be able to contribute to the realization of your projects.

ANPI-Gabon is the one-stop-shop for filing and requesting Accreditation. Thirty administrations are housed in our Libreville office to make it easier for you to obtain Accreditation. Your contact at the Accreditation Department will assist you throughout your procedure and offers you advice in the event of any difficulty. If necessary, he or she can act as a mediator between you and the administration. Please not that requests for Accreditation are not processed by ANPI-Gabon but by sectoral administrations.
How to obtain an Accreditation

You will need Accreditation if you want to start a business in the following sectors and activities.

  • settingsTRANSPORT
  • settingsEDUCATION
  • settingsARCHITECTURE
  • settingsTRAVAIL
  • settingsSANTE
  • settingsPME
  • settingsSECURITE
  • settingsCOMMERCE
  • settingsENERGIE ET EAU
  • settingsFORESTIER

You will need Accreditation if you want to start a business in the following sectors and activities. In Gabon, the investment charter classifies economic and commercial activities into three categories:

  1. Regular activities:
    These activities do not require any legal regulation. This is the case for the opening of commercial areas such as grocery stores, dry cleaners, etc.
  2. Regulated activities:
    These economic activities are subject to preconditions. The applicant must meet the conditions set by the supervisory administration. This is the case of medical clinics, gaming establishments (Casinos), microcredit institutions, banks, insurance companies, educational establishments, etc.
  3. Activities under specific codes:
    These activities are more complex because they benefit from many specific advantages. They must meet the conditions laid down in the relevant legislative and regulatory texts. This is the case for the sectors: Tourism, Wood, Fisheries, Agriculture, etc.

For information: lthe term accreditation is a generic term that differs from one sector to another; in the field of health we speak of authorization, empowerment in the education sector and licensing in the fishing sector for example.

Depending on your activity, the steps to obtain the Accreditation may take place before or after obtaining the single registration form (Fiche Circuit).

You will only be able to start your activity if you have your Accreditation and your unique registration form.

Investments Charter