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What are the documents to have to create a business?

To create a business, if you are a legal person you must have:

  • 1 Single form for formalising companies
  • 3 Copies of identity card / Passport (nationals) / Residence card (non-nationals) / Passport with valid visa of the Manager
  • Criminal record / Declaration of honour (valid for 75 days) + 1 copy
  • Location map of the company's head office
  • Copy of the SEEG subscription contract / last receipt
  • Copies of the authorization or technical approval, if applicable

 As an entrepreneur, what can the ANPI-Gabon bring me?

ANPI-Gabon wants to be the privileged partner of all investors, you can benefit from support to design your business plan or define your business model, you can use our services to obtain market studies, strategic monitoring and/or benefit from export support for your products and services among other services.

 Do you have training available?

Yes, our Entrepreneurship and Business Support Department offers a range of training courses on business creation, business management and formalities.

 Does the ANPI -Gabon finance the projects?

No, ANPI-Gabon does not finance projects but allows you to obtain financing either by participating in the Business Plan Competition, by benefiting from the support of our Entrepreneurship and Business Support Department as part of the development of a financing plan or by making direct contact with all the commercial banks present in our offices.

 Does the ANPI -Gabon issue the approvals?

No, ANPI-Gabon does not issue authorizations but ANPI-Gabon is the place of deposit and withdrawal of authorizations indeed, we shelter the principal administrations which deliver to the economic operators that you are the authorizations and the authorizations of exploitation.