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We assist you in the search for financing for the start-up or development of your business.
Any resident company and any business developer seeking financing can benefit from this help.


  • Obviously, to have come to see us at ANPI-Gabon to request an assistance

  • To have a realistic and feasible project

  • To be willing to share financial information with your ANPI-Gabon business advisor

  • To have developed a business plan with the help of an advisor from the Accompaniment Service, DEAE

  • To have useful information related to the project

  • To have up-to-date financial statements available

  • To be willing to work with your ANPI-Gabon business advisor, after obtaining financing, for a specific period and according to the duration of the loan

  • To be willing to participate in training organized by ANPI-Gabon as part of capacity building for entrepreneurs

There are several types of financing. The support of our advisors will allow you to define the most suitable for you before referring you to one of our partners in financing.

  • Self-financing

  • Financing by capital increase

  • Debt financing

  • Lease financing

  • Financing by bank loans

  • Inter-company credit financing

  • Financing by contributions from venture capital companies

  • Supplier credit financing

Our partners :

  • Commercial banks

  • Micro Financing Institutions

    • Leasing institutions


      International organizations