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The role of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Cooperation, Francophonie and Regional Integration, in charge of Gabonese abroad, is to recognize and understand the international issues, opportunities and risks affecting Gabon by providing pieces of advice and analysis on how to better protect Gabon's interests. In this way, it contributes to the goal of transforming both the Gabonese economy and society. To provide assistance to Gabonese living abroad, the Direction Générale des Gabonais de l'Etranger was set up in October 2015. It is now under the supervision of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Cooperation, Francophonie and Regional Integration, responsible for Gabonese abroad. This Directorate includes: support services, central services and territorial services and its mission is to make Gabonese expatriates real actors in Gabon's development.

For Gabonese wishing to invest in Gabon, you will therefore find the necessary and useful information at embassies and/or consulates in the country where you reside.

List of embassies and/or consulates of Gabon


I want to invest in Gabon, are there more promising areas than others?

Since 2009, Gabon has undertaken structural reforms aimed at preparing the country for post-oil. In this logic, priority sectors have been defined in the Economic Recovery Plan (ERP). These priority sectors are: digital, mining, agriculture, energy, timber, real estate, fisheries and tourism.

What are the current major development projects in Gabon?

  • The Backbone project: Implementation of a broadband telecommunications network, in line with the regional integration strategy. Funded with support from the World Bank, Phase 1 of the project was officially delivered in December 2017 with interconnection between Congo and Gabon. It consisted in deploying a submarine optical fiber link between Libreville and Port-Gentil and a land fiber link mainly using the Transgabonais railway line between Libreville and Franceville and, incidentally, road sections. Phase 2 will consist in deploying the optical fiber on the northern axis of the country on both sides, to start the southern axis, using exclusively road sections
  • The GRAINE Program: The Gabonese Agricultural Program for Agricultural Achievements and Committed National Initiatives (GRAINE) is an initiative launched at the end of 2014 for a period of 5 years to promote agricultural entrepreneurship by offering technical training to small farmers and strengthening the industrialization of agriculture. The program is led by SOTRADER, a public-private partnership between the Gabonese government (51%) and the Singaporean Olam group (49%), and is accompanied by a wide range of reforms.
  • The Maboumine Project: MABOUMINE, a COMILOG subsidiary, holds the mining exploration permit for the Mabounié polymetallic deposit in Gabon, which contains significant resources of niobium, rare earths, tantalum and uranium. For the development of this project, Gabon is looking for technical and financial partners.
  • Special Economic Zone: To make it easier for investors to create their projects, the country has opened free zones such as NKOK's Special Economic Zone (SEZ), which today represents one of the most dynamic areas in Central Africa and is an example of successful public-private partnerships (60% Olam and 40% Gabonese Republic).

are there priority projects or sectors in which i can invest in Gabon? to invest in Gabon?

In its economic diversification strategy, Gabon has defined a portfolio of 13 projects in priority sectors.


ü  Backbone (Optical fiber)

ü  Security of electronic transactions

ü  Public electronic payment platform

Mining ü  Maboumine Project

ü  Agro-pastoral farm

ü  Graine Program

Energy ü  Construction of hydroelectric dams
Woodland Forest

ü  Industrial wood sector

ü  Wood exchange


Real Estate

ü  Construction of the Baie des rois business district

ü  Development Zone de M'vengué

Fishing ü  Construction of a fishing harbour
Tourism ü  Network of 12 luxury hotels and lodges

What are the administrative formalities that I can carry out from abroad, if I want to create my company in Gabon?

No administrative formalities can be carried out abroad, however by consulting the ANPI-Gabon website you can already collect the necessary documents.

Do I have to come to Gabon to formalize my business?

We advise you to exchange directly with the ANPI-Gabon agents, to master all the stages of the creation of your company. In addition to the formalization of your business, you can benefit from value-added services with ANPI-Gabon (airport services, express services for the creation of your business, personalized support, provision of legal advisors, reinvestment proposals).

Can a third party take steps on my behalf at ANPI-Gabon?

A third party can take steps on your behalf, such as taking the right information, gathering the necessary documentation. However, depending on the type of company, he may or may not commit himself to the stage of finalizing your unique registration form.

Are there ANPI-Gabon representations in the embassies or consulates of Gabon?

There are no ANPI-Gabon representations abroad yet, but you can connect on the ANPI-Gabon website or see on social networks the latest news on investments in Gabon and have all possible information.