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In addition to its lush forest, you will discover that in Gabon you will be able to see the grey parrot of Gabon, you will be able to admire the sculptors handling their sandpaper on the famous stone of M'bigou and you will also have the possibility to observe in the south of Libreville a few kilometers, the elephants in nature as photographed by Christian Vigna.

To travel to Gabon, you will probably need a visa. You can obtain a visa simply online or by going to one of Gabon's representations abroad. The competent authorities will offer you a business visa or a tourist visa:
◼︎ Apply for a visa at the representation of Gabon present in your country of residence (Consulates or Embassies)
• Consult the list of the embassies of Gabon in the world: www.ambassades-en-ligne.com & https://embassy-finder.com/fr
◼︎Apply for your visa online
http://www.visa-en-ligne.com/pays/gabon.php - https://www.dgdi.ga/aller-au-gabon
Today all G20 and Go Cooperation Council countries can obtain their visas directly at the airport. CEMAC member countries no longer need visas to enter Gabonese territory. Consult the list Please note that if you are not Gabonese and wish to work in Gabon, you must go to the Direction Générale de la Documentation et de l’immigration (DGDI) to obtain a residence permit.
for more information go to :https://www.dgdi.ga/

◼︎ The calendar of seasons
Straddling the equator, Gabon's climate is equatorial, hot and humid, alternating between dry and rainy seasons:

  • Mid-February to May: great rainy season
  • June-August: great dry season
  • Mid-December to Mid-February: short dry season
  • September to mid-December: short rainy season

The average temperatures are between 21 °C and 27 °C. Extremes range from 18°C to 36°C.
◼︎ The time zone
Gabon does not have summer time, so normal time is the same as continental Europe (GMT+1).

◼︎ The country code

The country code for Gabon is 241. Fixed telephone calls start with 01. Mobile phone calls start with 02, 03, 04, 05, 06, 07.

◼︎ The exchange rate

In Gabon, you can make your changes at the airport with the agents available at BICIG, BGFIBank, Ecobank or directly in the bank branches distributed in the city

  • 1 Euro = 655.957 FCFA
  • 1 USD = 534.71 FCFA (23/01/2018)
  • 1 GBP = 745.54 FCFA (23/01/2018)
  • 1 CAD = 428.48 FCFA (31/01/2018)
  • 1 AED = 145.58 FCFA (23/01/2018)
  • 1 MAD = 57.94 FCFA (23/01/2018)

To convert your currency, go to:xe.com/fr/currencyconverter

◼︎ Its origins
The Gabonese culture derives its wealth from the diversification of its founding peoples, the Pygmies were the first peoples to settle in the equatorial forest. All the languages of Gabon belong to the large bantu language group that extends from southern Cameroon to South Africa. The languages most spoken in Gabon because of their number are Fang, Téké, Obamba, Nzebi, Myéné and Punu.
Between tradition and modernity, between reality and supernatural, Gabonese culture lives and perpetuates the founding rites of the Gabonese ethnic groups.
◼︎ Gabonese tradition
The ethnic groups of Gabon have always considered that a higher entity manages life and links in society. Therefore, the place of the supernatural in Gabonese tradition is very important. It is through initiation rites, dances and cults to ancestors that the ethnic groups of Gabon remain in contact with their ancestors and the dead.
Finally, although tradition is minimal, it has a very important place in Gabonese society. For the record, although not recognized by law, it is common for a civil marriage to be consolidated by a traditional marriage with the presence of the extended family.

Gabon is a unique and remarkably well-preserved paradise with 11% of its territory (more than 30 000 km2) being dedicated to its ecosystem’s sustainable management. Gabon has 13 National Parks. The Lopé Park is on the Unesco’s World Heritage List. Visiting these areas, you will discover that the natural systems in these parks is still intact today. Gabon has the largest untouched part of Africa's tropical forest. Gabon’s parks contain the largest concentration of elephants on the continent, multiple species of birds, reptiles, and mammals, including gorillas, chimpanzees, mandrills, hippos, and thousands of plant species found nowhere else.
National Parks list: