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The great diversity of resources offered by the Gabonese forest allows the Gabonese people to develop know-how in the fields of Art, fashion and crafts.

Although the specificity in Gabon remains the stone of Mbigou new products come to give a new face to the assets until then known of the Gabonese craft industry:

  • Sculpture:the main sculpted materials are Mbigou stone and the many precious wood species such as ebony, padouk, wengé, kevazingo, okoumé, mahogany, sipo, etc.
  • The weaving of raffia:the transformation of raffia mainly, generally used in traditional dances and the clothes of the bride and groom during the traditional ceremony. The designer Olga Ô has put this material in the spotlight for several years
  • Fashion: Many designers and model makers make the particularities of Gabonese fashion known, through the loincloth, jewellery and accessories. There are among others: the brand WaxMe, Jutu, Dona Pen Design, Otinguema, Sanawax and Yéyé Création: Galerie Racines - Kumassi-Libreville
    Tel : 07 77 90 77
  • Music: Gabonese music, rhythmed with traditional and modern sounds, has not only made a place for itself in the daily lives of Gabonese people but has also been exported. The most famous being certainly: Pierre Claver Akendengué, Patience Dabany and Oliver N'Goma.
  • Dance: Traditional dances and modern dances mingle pleasantly in the Gabonese culture: ikokou, tandima, elone are the main traditional dances and next to them modern dances like djazzé, ntcham and ndem.
  • Literature: the writings of Gabonese authors are well exported: alongside the great names such as Okoumba Nkoghé and Justine Mintsa, we note the arrival of young writers such as Peggy Auleley, Nathalie Avomo, Issani Rendjambe, Edna Apinda their works are for the most part available on the online sales sites of Fnac and Amazon.
  • Painting: In recent years, there have been numerous art exhibitions, particularly in the halls of the main hotels on the square. The main painters to stand out are Jean Baptiste Onewin Walker, Georges Mbourou and Minko Mi Nzé.
  • Food: many food brands made in Gabon have successfully promoted internationally in recent years. These include: certified palm oil from Olam, "les petits pots de l'Ogooué" jams, Julie's chocolates, Pierre André coffee, the Exodelices brand with its Crack Crock chips, the Caléo range of products (products derived from fruits and vegetables from Gabon). Chocolats Gabonais de Julie (contact: 07 52 19 64) ; Les petits pots de l'Ogooué (contact: 07 48 20 12)
  • Cinematography: Alongside our great names in cinema Pierre-Marie Dong, Charles Mensah and the late Philippe Maury, to name but a few, who have shot and directed films such as "La coutume Obali", "L'auberge du salut", "Les couilles de l'éléphant", "Le collier de Makoko", a new generation of directors is emerging with works that export well.

Every two years, the commercial bank BICIG organizes a national competition "BICIG Amie des Arts et des Lettres" rewarding many talents.
• For more information: www.bicig-gabon.com
Also, to enjoy the many artistic talents abounding in Gabon, you can visit the village Olamba located in the Glass district of Libreville. This place of exhibition-sale is the craft village 100% made in Gabon which puts forward the local know-how and allows the craftsmen to valorize the Gabonese culture.