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The results of the national survey on the level of employment in Gabon, published in 2012 according to ILO standards, revealed an unemployment rate of 20.4%. This situation affects young people, and the government has made it its battle horse to stem the problem of unemployment among this part of the population.

Although employment is relatively easy to obtain, the informal private sector would still employ the most, with a rate of 47% compared to 15.7% in the formal private sector.

Working in Gabon

Gabonese workers are governed by the Gabonese Labour Code (http://www.gaboninvest.org/index.php/fr/outils/espace-reglementation).However, several collective agreements exist by sector such as construction, trade, insurance and industry. Labour disputes are handled by the Labour Inspectorate.

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National Employment Office located at the roundabout of Avenue de Cointet in Libreville

Tel : 01 77 57 96 /01 77 57 97